eCom Hosting & Maintenance


Grow with the Right eCommerce Platform

Your eCommerce site is the window of your online business through which you are connecting with the world. For this reason, you need standard eCommerce hosting and maintenance service that will serve everything required to effectively and efficiently run an online store.

eCommerce Hero provides reliable and secure website maintenance and cloud-based hosting services to keep our clients hassle-free and to accommodate the requirements of the sites and systems we develop. 

Our proactive IT and Web professionals deliver full-service website maintenance including any design, programming, development, and support.  

You can hold on with our IT specialist and executives for regular website maintenance to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Secure and Powerful Hosting & IT Solutions

As the IT maintenance task of a company is complex and difficult as ever, we take care of the whole process; manage the back-end & physical server, update, integrations, speed, uptime, security, backups, stability, data cleaning, vulnerability scanning, and all the ongoing support task to keep your website up-to-date.

We integrate industry-standard technologies for ensuring world-class service and support. You can rely on us to keep your site updated and secure.

  • Why should you get a website hosting and maintenance provider?

    A regular website maintenance plan and care are mandatory in order to keep your site up and running. The maintenance methods are a bit complicated for holding the best performance of your website. For this reason, we are here to give you 24/7 technical support for all aspects of your website to ensure your site runs optimally.

  • Which web hosting services plan is right for you?

    The needs and budget of each client are different and unique from each other. Therefore we offer a set of packages from small to big, hourly packages, monthly packages, yearly packages for ongoing web hosting, and maintenance work. You can choose based on your requirements.