Working from Home? Top 10 Best Practices to Keep 100% Productivity

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Most of us dream to have extra time for ourselves. We like to groom ourselves better, socialize, and also at the same time build an active and prosperous career. Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to balance your personal and work life. Moreover, you can build a desirable career for yourself without traveling abroad or without traveling at all.

Working from home needs lots of self-motivation and a really well-organized plan, but we often come to a phase where we lose motivation, resulting in loss of productivity. 

While, it does not matter,  the reason behind why you are working at home. The things that matter most during remote working or working from home is you are doing your job perfectly and in time. It requires having a suitable workplace with the correct tools; strategies to cope with children, and family members and other possible interruptions.

You just have to get into a routine and develop habits that will push you to be more productive and also handle all the other things you like to do and spend more time with your family.

There is often a question that we ask ourselves is “where do I start?”. So here is the answer to it. You will have 10 tips below that you can start with to boost your performance and productivity while working from home. 

 10 Tips to Boost Up Your Home Office Experience:

  1. Let Start by Arranging the Morning Schedule

To increase your productivity and give yourself a boost you need it is necessary to start from the morning. Set your alarm and always try to wake up at the same time in the morning.

At first, you will have to establish a nicely arranged morning schedule that fits perfectly for you and your work. While working at home, you can be at your usual comfort and can do everything you want to get prepared for your day. 

It is ideal to wake up early and start your day with proper breakfast, a steaming mug of coffee or tea to give you all the energy you need. Morning is also the best time to go for a run and it will energize you and give freshness to go through your day with complete confidence. Taking a shower is also very helpful and will take you out of your sluggishness.

If you are living with your family, you will get more time to arrange things and give your day a head start when you wake up early in the morning. And by following these approaches,  you can also attempt to begin the day in a peaceful, enjoyable, and concentrating manner.

  1. Dress UP for the Day

Even if you are not going anywhere, dress up well for the day. Groom yourself, put on your outfits to make you feel you are up for something, and win the world.

Having a perfect dress-up is a part of efficient working. Yes, you definitely can work wearing your PJ and shorts and keep your hair on a bun or let your beard go wild but soon it becomes monotonous. You will find yourself thinking you don’t take care of yourself and eventually spiral to demotivation.

Dress up like you’re going to an office and this will give you purpose and confidence boost. Like this, you will feel more empowered to start your daily work.

  1. Build a Workspace:

Whether you’re in a cozy corner workplace or you’re sharing a desk in a shared office room, one thing is common everywhere: make a neat and tidy workspace for yourself.

It is tough to distinguish if you are working or not if you slouch on the sofa with a laptop or lying on the bed with it. It only makes you go slow and you might get distracted often.

Rather find yourself a desk where you have everything and organize your office accessories, pens, and journal for starters. Set the desk up in a corner of your house where you can be really comfortable, most likely by a window cause the fresh air, and the sky keep you calm. 

Ensure that it has enough lights and is well decorated with small potted plants. This will make you more purposeful and a good environment keeps you refreshed throughout your working time.

  1. Plan Out Your Day

If you are struggling with your productivity while working from home and immediately want to do something about it. Go grab your phone or even better grab your notepad and plan your whole day.

From the beginning to the end, list all the things you have to do for the day. You can use a task managing app, in that way your phone can remind you of the task that you have on hand. Give yourself an ultimatum for a certain task, finish it within a certain limited time. This will stop you from wandering around and procrastinating.

Whenever you get a new task in hand note it down. When you have a list of it, arrange them according to your priority. In this way, you will know what you have to do and you can also relax, put less pressure on your brain for remembering all the tasks. Your notebook or app will do it for and there will be less chance of skipping and forgetting anything.

  1. Have Meetings with Your Co-workers and Client

If you are a part of the company, make sure you always attend all the meetings through video calls. Make it a habit to do a morning or midday meeting with your co-worker and managers. This will help you to stay connected to the company and you won’t be doing just your own work, but you will also find where you fit in the bigger picture and how you contribute to it.

Let your co-worker know that you are available and ask them for advice and discuss your project and task. You will feel more motivated when you see that you are a part of a big group and you have a certain role to play. Moreover, when you frequently connect you get to learn new things and tactics which will increase your productivity.

If you are a freelancer working from home try to stay connected to your clients as much as possible. You will be able to refine your work and make it more perfect. 

  1. Keep in Touch with your Colleague:

According to a survey, it reveals that individuals who are quite cooperative in the office, continue to be satisfied and more confident about their work. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice those positive things about a real office, just because you are working from home. 

You can have all those positive things to develop your mind and work by communicating with your colleagues regularly.

And, in the current world, it’s not a tough thing to stay in contact with workmates. You can easily get connected with them, through the new development of technologies. Such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and so on.

Moreover, our workmates play a significant role in our works. So, it will be good for our work, if we stay connected. It will help you share your problems and will also help to develop your work. Eventually, you can also build a friendship or two.

Once in a while try to meet them and try to make your presence in the actual office if there is any or meet in person with colleagues and boss, selecting a venue.

  1. Use Right Tools

You will have to use the best tool when it comes to being successful by working at home. And, to bring efficiency at work, you will not have to use the apps from the Apple store or Play store. You just have to pick those best tools for using, which will develop and simplify your tasks. And, these tools will not only progress your work but it will also help to develop your company. 

Besides, you may use tools for many things. For instances,

  •  For communicating with your project members.
  • For email servicing.
  • For managing the Content system.
  • And, also the upgraded software to develop the works.

Moreover, there are many types of software available now. So, you can just check them out and select those, which will make your work boost up.

  1. Take Some Breaks

Taking a break during your work is very important. Because, regardless of what we think, it is difficult to be successful 100 percent all the time. Taking breaks in between work motivates you more than just sitting and doing long hours of work.

It would be manageable to give 5–10 minutes breaks in the middle of the hour for remote employees to do some common activities or try to catch up with other works. It can be productive for your home to do if you do your laundry at that time, clean up the lounge, or even organize the messy cabinet.

It ensures that you can take a break and completely re-energize yourself by spending some of your time on some other form of activity.  And, if you don’t do that, then, it really can kill your interest from your work.

Go for a quick stroll across the house or pass a couple of articles of the journal that you are writing on.

Here’s a smart idea for dealing with a pet from home: using your beloved fuzzy buddy to assist you to enjoy breaks. Go out for a stroll in your veranda or roof, enjoy a fast chase match, or indeed sit around for a 5-minute.

You can even water some plants.

Spending a handful of minutes with the pets or family is a perfect opportunity to relax and kick off the boredom.

  1. Take Healthy Food & Exercise:

Having healthy food and doing exercise may not be a part of the official tasks. But, it will do you a great favor in your work.

At the office, you may have snacks, but working from home you will find healthy foods in your kitchen like carrots, oranges, and so on.  And, eating these healthy foods will nourish your body as well as your mind. Besides, having a cherished mind will help to work cool and comfortably with extra concentration.

And, the same thing also goes for doing exercise. Do some exercise in the morning, it will help your body to be more flexible, which will proffer a good effect on your work. As well as, it will also help you complete your work faster. Plus it helps nourish your brain cells which will keep you active.

  1. Limit your Social Media Usage While Working:

We are always connected to social media. It is the most crucial thing that often distracts you. 

While working from the office you will not get the chance to use social media for a long time or to watch tv. But, while working from home, you are just free to use these social media. 

And, due to this, you may waste most of your time by using social media or through watching tv. That will cause a huge loss for your work.

So, if you want to boost up your work from home. Limit your usage of Social media, only use it when you are done with your To-do list. And, if you execute this, then you will get a favorable result at the end of the day.

 Final Discussion:

Working from home can be really fun if you just know how to balance everything and keep yourself motivated. If you try to follow the mentioned tips in this article, then you will surely get the best result for your work.

Moreover, all these tips will help your work to be more interesting, inspiring, and profitable. Most importantly, you always need to be dedicated to your work, then nothing will be able to stop you from reaching your destination!

Hope you like what you read, please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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